Give a Child Hope

Adopt a chronically hungry child for a school year.  

  • You can do this for only $407.00  Send your contributions in monthly or quarterly; however is best for you, to: CHEW, P.O. Box 728, Wilson, NC  27894.
  • You will be telling that child that someone cares about them, believes in them. You will take away their gnawing hunger pains, enabling them to learn. You will be giving them HOPE.
  • Adopt a chronically hungry family at Christmas.
  • When our children do not have the school cafeteria to provide them with breakfast and lunch, it is very difficult for them.  Provide food for them over the holiday break.

Adopt a school

  • (Team with another church!)  Pick up food from the distribution center, take it to your church to pack in bags and distribute to your school each Thursday.


  • Be a Fundraiser
  • It costs a little over $4,000 to feed our chronically hungry children each weekend, but by joining hands and working together we can feed them!  Share your fundraising ideas with us.  Organize a fundraiser on your own.
  • Help at the Distribution Center
  • Pull food every other Monday morning for individual schools (9 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.)  Assist the churches as they pick up their food from the distribution center (10:00 a.m. – 11:30.) every other Monday.

By joining hands and working together throughout our community, we are feeding our children who are in direst need.